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    In Memory of Raizen
    Source: TV
    Layers: 1
    Sketches: 1
    Cel Number: A11
    Standard size

    No Background

    Added 2/3/2007
    Updated 10/10/2009
    Having declared that the best way to bring unification to Makai is through direct confrontation between those who are interested in ruling the land, Yusuke has somehow managed to talk both Yomi and Mukuro into agreement. As an indication of impressed acquiescence, Mukuro has given him a bunch of flowers, asking that he put them on Raizen’s grave, along with the fond message that “He was an idiot.” In this scene, Yusuke still clutches the bouquet as he sweatdrops and tries to explain to his bewildered, inherited followers that the actual point of the confrontations is not to ensure that he emerges the winner.

    The flowers and outfit are just so atypically Yusuke that I’ve loved this cel since I first laid eyes on it. Add to that the fact that it was spotted for sale, then given to me as a gift by a friend who is no longer in the game, and it has already become one of the more cherished pieces in my collection.

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